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Welcome to EZ Funding Group, Inc. website.

At EZ Funding Group,  Inc., we know that each customer has specific needs, so we strive to meet those specific needs with a wide array of products, investment tools, mortgages and best of all quality service and individual attention.

Today's technology is providing a more productive environment to work in. For example, through our website, you can submit a complete on-line, secure loan application or pre-qualify for a home loan. You may also evaluate your different financing options by using our interactive calculators and going over various mortgage scenarios.

     We specialize in the following Florida Mortgage Loans:

            ►    Home Purchase Loans      ►   Home Refinance Loans      ►   Jumbo Home Loans      ►   FHA Home Loans      ►   100% Financing VA Home Loans 

             ►   100% Financing USDA Home Loans            ►   HARP Home Loans            ►   Foreign National Home Loans           ►   Cash Out Home Loans 

►   Reverse Home Loans      ►   Hard Money Loans      ►   Commercial Property Loans                              

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